Event invitation: Sex, lies and social enterprise at the Plymouth Social Enterprise Festival

Join us for an audience-led (we’ll be using interactive polling), Wild Inventions event that looks for the truth of where we are with social enterprise.

First, a light supper, (17:45 to 18:30) with vegan options available.

Then, from 18:45 to 20:15, it’s a chat show style set-up where a string of local faces takes the hot seat.

We’re asking (unashamedly) provocative questions about the compassionate business we do in the city. And handing control to the audience about exactly which of our questions they would like our guests to answer. Real questions, real honest.


Attendees will also receive a high-quality print of a limited-edition Wild Inventions commemorative poster by Lauren Rothery.

We’re taking ticket reservations, and suggestions for questions. Send your ideas to info@wildinventions.co.uk.

Our confirmed guests are:

  • Alistair Macpherson, Plymouth Energy Community
  • Annette Dhami, Social Enterprise Consultant
  • Gareth Hart, Iridescent Ideas
  • Wendy Hart, Nudge Community Builders
  • Additional names may be added

Questions that might, but probably not, appear (as they are on here for all to see) are:

  • Is social enterprise just charity dressed up?
  • In theory, and in practice, is transparency a fundamental principle of social enterprise?
  • Is social enterprise a niche, or an overall shift for business? If it’s a shift then are we a quaint, and ultimately redundant, foray into what will become normal?