Interested in joining Wild Inventions?

We’re currently accepting applications for new members. The legal paperwork behind being a company means that’s a formal process, but it’s fairly straightforward.

Who can apply?

To become a Community Interest Company we had to set out the community we work with. Our commitment is that the company’s activities will provide benefit to:

  • Members of the creative community in inconsistent, under-employed or limited progression employment situations centred around West Devon and the wider South West of England.
  • The social enterprise, voluntary, and third sector communities working locally and nationally.

This a way of keeping everyone honest. We are not trying to be a regular agency or marketing company.

Benefits of membership

Members have the right to vote on business decisions and take on a leadership position by standing for a directorship. This is on a one member one vote basis. It also grants the member the benefits that the company may provide, as it develops and expands. For example, an ongoing goal is to have a library of things, a kit library, available for work.

So, here’s the deal. Our legal structures mean we need anyone wishing to join to send the directors a statement on:

  • Your current working situation (we need to know you’re in the gig economy)
  • Your motivation to join (we need to know you’re committed to our manifesto)
  • A few words about any local connections where applicable (whether professional or more broadly). This is to meet our local person requirement.
  • A few items from your portfolio. If you become a member, we would ask these then form your company portfolio at

This is both a formality and a way of keeping everyone honest. You can find the application form here.

We’re so excited about this project. Let’s work together.