Marketing materials support for Yealm Community Energy

The Yealm Community Energy  community-owned solar farm is at Newton Ferrers. It generates enough clean energy from its 2km of solar panels to power 2,000 homes. The farm is part-owned by a community benefit society so a share of its profits doesn’t go to commercial companies.  Instead, the farm’s sales generate money for local community projects. The solar farm team aims to offer small grants totaling approximately £1.4 million over the life of the project.

We designed and drafted them some leaflets to give out at community events, encouraging people to apply for project funding. It needed to be simple, friendly, and – thanks to a very, very short deadline – it needed to be done fast. We worked with them to evolve their existing materials through facilitated feedback rounds to get exactly what they needed. In words. In pictures. And in style.

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